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Chola 5 y/o

Birthday: 08.10.2018
With Kasisi since: 23.03.2020

The baby boy was brought to Kasisi during the Covid 19 pandemic. Kasisi, despite being closed for safety reasons, opened its doors to receive the child in need. Chola was brought from a village 800 km away.  The boy had lost his mother in tragic circumstances. The woman did not survive an encounter with a crocodile, and because she was breastfeeding the boy, Chola quickly fell ill with malnutrition. When we admitted him to Kasisi he weighed only 6,5 kg. With special feeding we were able to nurse the boy out of malnutrition and strengthen his very weak body.

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MARCH 2024
He’s in kindergarten. He's very friendly and cheerful and he likes it when guests visit Kasisi. Some time ago, he experienced epileptic seizures and was on medication. Now, everything is OK, and there's no need for further pharmacological treatment.
JULY 2023
Unfortunately, the boy has recently had epileptic seizures, which have caused one hand to tremble. The boy also has difficulty speaking, which is related to the cerebral palsy he suffers from.  We work daily with Chola to improve his speech.
He had health problems, but is now fine. He goes to kindergarten. He is calmer now.
JULY 2022

He goes to kindergarten in Kasisi. He is cheerful and very stubborn, he knows what he wants. When he wants something he really cares about, he fights for it with determination;)

The boy is very active and has lots of ideas. He speaks beautifully. He likes everything sweet, even medicines.
JUNE 2021
He had problems with his legs. He is taking anti-epileptic medication and it is helping him. Chola cries a lot, but this is typical during this stage of development. His uncle often calls him and is very grateful that the boy is so well looked after in Kasisi.
MARCH 2020
The safety of our residents is our top priority so we have decided to close Kasisi due to COVID-19. We make an exception, however, whenever someone in need knocks on our door. Today social service workers brought Chola, a baby boy from a village 800 km away who lost his mother in tragic circumstances - she died in a crocodile attack. The boy, who was being breastfed, quickly became undernourished. He weighs just 6.5 kg and urgently needs our help - he requires a special diet to counter the effects of malnutrition and strengthen his fragile body. He is currently under quarantine in the House of Hope. We will make sure he gets the right medical tests and everything he needs to feel at home. Keep your fingers crossed for him!
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