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Lontia 5 y/o

Birthday: 06.11.2018
With Kasisi since: 14.12.2018

Lontia was born prematurely at 8 months and brought to Kasisi just 8 days later. Her mother died in childbirth. She was brought here by her father, who lives in a nearby village and already has a couple of children. The conditions there would not allow Lontia to survive, especially since she requires specialist medical care. At Kasisi, she is in good hands!



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JULY 2023
How much joy there was when Lontia visited us with her grandmother recently. We missed each other so much! The little girl, seeing all her brothers and sisters, wanted to stay in Kasisi. However, we know how important family ties are, especially in Africa. As soon as a home is suitable for a child's upbringing, they must be allowed to be with their loved ones. Lontia's grandmother has moved heaven and earth to create a beautiful home for her granddaughter, in which the girl is very much loved. We, of course, are counting down the days until our next meeting with Lotnia. And in the meantime, we are supporting the grandmother with the "Adoptions from the Heart" project, so that she can provide the little girl with everything she needs for her proper development.
MARCH 2023

Lontia has gone to live with her grandmother. She continues to receive support from the 'Adoptions from the Heart' project.

JULY 2022

Lontia lived with her grandmother for a while. Now she is back with her dad, but she is staying with the "Adoptions from the Heart" project because the financial situation in the family home is very difficult. We will support them and make sure that the girl does not lack anything.

Lontia has gone to live with her grandmother. They visit us every few weeks to get food and vitamins. The girl is still receiving support from the "Adoptions from the Heart" project.
JUNE 2021
She is growing well. She is always smiling. Her dad still visits her, although not as often as he used to.
MAY 2019
She was undernourished when she was brought to Kasisi at just a few days old. She is now growing well and has a healthy appetite. Her father visits her very often.
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