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Luka Mapalo 10 y/o

Birthday: 03.08.2011
With Kasisi since: 27.08.2013

Luka was abandoned at a gas station in Lusaka. He suffers from cerebral palsy and cannot hear or see. He does, however, respond to physical stimuli and loves cuddling up to his caregivers. Here at Kasisi, he will have no shortage of love.



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JUNE 2021
He does not need to take any medication and has no health problems. The boy communicates by making sounds. He likes the touch of hands on his face.
MAY 2019
We have learned that Luka can see, but not hear. He receives therapy every day.
JUNE 2016
While his physical health hasn't improved much, thanks to the care he receives from sisters and physiotherapists he is more relaxed and upbeat. He often smiles and is very pleased that he can move around on his wheelchair.
JUNE 2015
His condition hasn't changed much. He continues to receive physical therapy and individualized care but we have yet to make contact with him. He never cries and is quiet and calm. He is wheelchair-bound but loves spending time outside surrounded by his peers.
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Christmas in Kasisi!

Santa Claus never had it easy in Kasisi 😉 Over 230 children live here. Sister Mariola has already rushed to his aid and is quietly preparing presents!

Many of us still leave a free seat at the Christmas Eve table. Let one of our children sit at it this year (at a distance, but very much for real) and invite them to the table today!

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