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Moses 17 y/o

Birthday: 30.07.2006
With Kasisi since: 19.08.2006

Moses came to Kasisi when his mother passed away and his father, gravely ill, was not able to provide for him. Moses suffers from sickle cell anemia and requires special care. His disorder has taken a toll on him – among other things, he’s had to start school a year late. He has a lot of friends at Kasisi. He enjoys being the center of attention and is very popular with other children. He also loves getting hugs – except when he’s wearing his school uniform, which he takes quite seriously!


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JULY 2023

Since his last stroke, caused by a severe attack of sickle cell anaemia, Moses has had difficulty walking. With the help of rehabilitation, he has learnt to cope well with this and is independent, although like any child he tries to use his illness to get preferential treatment. We talk to him a lot about it, also trying to show him that this is not the way. We are very pleased to see the commitment Moses shows in his art activities. This passion can be seen in the paintings that come through his brush, as his art teacher always points out.

MARCH 2023

He has moved in with the older boys and it has worked very well for him. He has a lot of gentleness in him. He is very kind and sensitive.

JULY 2022

He is in the fourth grade. He was transferred from a special class. He has made a lot of progress. He has physiotherapy all the time. He is very quiet but characterful and confident.

MAY 2021
A very good boy. His health has improved. Although he is partially paralyzed, he goes to school on his own. He is in a special needs class. He always greets others with great joy and has a rather calm disposition.
Following doctor's orders, Moses spent the day sitting up and exercising. His dream is to go to Poland once his leg stops hurting.
It’s been a really intense day for Moses. Moses is 12 and weighs just 22 kg. He was born with sickle cell anemia, a very serious disease that causes blood cells to deform (becoming sickle-shaped) and clog blood vessels, leading to inflammation, paresis, or, as in Moses’ case, a stroke. Moses had a stroke while on vacation with his grandmother, who noticed that one side of his body was paralyzed. Thinking it was due to physical trauma, she took him to a rural clinic. Moses was then transferred to a hospital and properly diagnosed. Unfortunately, it was too too late for doctors to be able to restore his health. With a shortage of emergency services, getting a stroke victim to the hospital within an hour is close to impossible. This morning Moses was put in the care of Inger, a Dutchwoman working in a private physiotherapy clinic in Lusaka who volunteers at Kasisi every Friday. Inger took the time to explain to Moses how his muscles and nerves work, what paresis is, and what has to happen for him to be able to regain healthy mobility. She believes this is possible as long Moses finds the strength to fight for his health, and the energy to participate in strenuous, painful exercises. Inger also instructed Caroline, an auntie who is fully devoted to caring after Moses, on how to work with him. She said she would come see him again on Monday. Moses was also seen by Dr. Sahar, who examined him, administered antibiotics and ordered that he stay in bed as little as possible. With so many women helping him and rooting for his recovery, he has no choice but to get better. We can tell that he is in a lot of pain and struggling but we believe that he will be able to walk again. While he is currently exhausted and downbeat, we are working hard to make sure that he regains his emotional strength as well.
Our entire nursing team - Eva, sister Mariola and Bestina - are with Moses around the clock. When asked, how he's doing, he replied in a feeble voice: "much better." He weighs just 22 kg. He's in so much pain he can barely move, with one arm practically immobilized. Last night a blood test found a serious infection. He was put on antibiotics and will be seen by Dr Sahar in the morning. He might have to be hospitalized again but he doesn't seem to have much energy left to fight. He's always been a special child, serious beyond his years and fatalistic in his views, likely due to the painful experiences of his past... We are there for him and doing everything we can to help him in his recovery.  
Moses has been released from the hospital and is back at House of Hope. He's in a tremendous amount of pain and upset that he cannot walk on his own and has to be in a wheelchair. His friends are doing everything they can to boost his spirits.
A week ago, Moses went to visit his grandmother for the holidays (the school year in Zambia starts in January). Yesterday his aunt brought him back - his entire right side of his body is paralyzed. Sister Mariola immediately took him to a hopsital. Moses was put on a drip and oxygen and had a blood transfusion. We are hoping the hospital will do a CT soon in order to diagnose Moses.  
When asked about Moses, sister Mariola wrote the following: "Moses' condition remains unchanged. He is still on oxygen therapy and struggling to speak. Last night after dinner, I went to spend some time with him. I brought him sweets and presents. I could tell that something was still bothering him. I leaned closer to him and asked what else he needs, to which he responded in a whisper: "a Christmas tree." :) Everything will be ok. We truly believe that.  
A very special event happened in Moses' life recently - his grandfather visited him for the first time! They spent a long time talking and catching up. We don't know what they talked about but unfortunately, due to his many health problems Moses probably won't be able to live with his family. Still, at least he will no longer feel alone in this world knowing that he has family. Such encounters after years are always very emotional.
JUNE 2016
Moses recently had to have a blood transfusion due to health problems caused by a weakened immune system. He's doing better now.
JUNE 2015
He continues to receive medication and his health has improved as a result. He is very thin and looks quite sickly but he has a huge appetite.
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