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Joy shared is joy multiplied. We hope our children will find many sponsors and supporters so that they can share the love and joy they experience at Kasisi.

You can learn more about the child and see how it is doing on its profile page. The profile page also features a photo album with the child’s sponsors – join the child’s virtual family and you will be featured there as well (if you wish).

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Abigail 16 y/o

Abigail was just an infant when life cruelly took her mother away. Despite the challenges she has faced throughout her life, Abigail radiates joy and optimism.


Alice 20 y/o

Orphanhood is not the only pain Alice had to face. Born with cerebral palsy, she is incredibly stubborn and perseveres in her fight against the disease.


Alick 11 y/o

For Alick, life began with loss, but at Kasisi, he is surrounded every day by the care and love he did not receive from his closest relatives.


Anastasia 8 y/o

Before Anastasia arrived at Kasisi, her life was filled with hardship and suffering. Yet, despite the injustices she faced, she retains her faith that the world is a good place.


Anastasia 9 y/o

Anastasia’s story is one of enduring hope. She came to Kasisi suffering from malnutrition. The journey to health was neither easy nor short, but it was worth it, as today she is a smiling and energetic girl.


Andrew 9 y/o

Often left alone and completely without care as a baby, Andrew’s survival was uncertain. Thankfully, Andrew made it to Kasisi where he gets all the love and care he could want.


Angela 10 y/o

Abandoned by her mother, Angela came to Kasisi as a one-year-old child. She has Down syndrome but is filled with immense love and kindness. In our HOME, she receives daily support she needs to flourish to her full potential.


Anna 14 y/o

Anna suffers from cerebral palsy and is generally a cheerful girl. However, there are times when she needs a tight hug and reassurance of love, which boosts her confidence, enabling her to move mountains.


Anna 17 y/o

When she first came to Kasisi at the age of three, she immediately stole our hearts. Today, Anna is a beautiful woman who will likely soon spread her wings and leave the nest.


Anna Maria 7 y/o

You can tell what a special girl she is right away.


Annie Grace 8 y/o

When Annie Grace came to Kasisi and we learned her story, our hearts were pierced with pain. Fortunately, she encountered kind souls who brought her to us. Today, she is a lively and joyful girl.


Barbara 10 y/o

In 2016, a woman knocked on Kasisi’s door with a group of children. That was Barbara’s mother, seeking help for her kids. She promised to return for them once she gets back on her feet, and she kept her promise. Barbara is now with her mother but continues to receive support through the “Adoptions from the Heart” program.

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If you wish to find a child and become part of their virtual family by committing to providing monthly support, you can explore the three age groups below.

Once you choose one, you will be redirected to a page with profiles of individual children. You can learn more about them and then decide whose virtual family you would like to join.


These are the youngest residents of Kasisi. Check out their profiles to learn how you can help them. They’re waiting for your support!


No longer toddlers, these young ones still need lots of love and support. See what you can do for them now.

Spend a little, help a lot

shop for kasisi

Our website allows you to get involved both in long term projects, such as Adoption from the Heart, as well as make one-off donations that will make a real change on the life of children in Kasisi. See for yourself that kindness always returns!


Therapeutic milk

We have saved Lontie from malnutrition. Help us restock out therapeutic milk supplies for other children!

Hospital stay

Zambian healthcare is not free. Help us treat children in need of hospitalization.

Library books

At Kasisi, we look after our young one’s future from an early age. Support us in our efforts to create bright futures for our children from an early age.

Fuel for an ambulance

Purchase fuel for our ambulance so that it’s ready to save our children!

Toys & Fun

By indulging our children and providing them with toys and fun activities, we hope to erase bad memories gained before coming to Kasisi.
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Urgent help needed

Cots for Kasisi

The metal cots and worn-out mattresses have lulled generations of Kasisi kids to sleep, but are now in desperate need of replacement.

Our dream is to make the babies’ bedrooms look like a truly homely, safe environment that is associated with warmth. Will you help us make this dream a reality?

we have:
8,126 PLN
we need:
48,000 PLN
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