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Moses 6 y/o

Birthday: 24.04.2018
With Kasisi since: 06.06.2018

Moses arrived at Kasisi when he was just over a month old. He was brought to us from a town 800 km away. The little boy and his mother were found by the road. His mother seems to have serious mental health issues and is currently being hospitalized for them. Moses was brought to Kasisi because of our reputation. More and more people in Zambia know about us and how, to quote Moses’ older namesake (who came here on his own two feet after his mother kicked him out), “children are happy here.” His father visits him from time and time. He is adorable and charming and loved by everyone at Kasisi!

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MARCH 2023

He goes to an older preschool group. He is a very friendly and active child. He likes to play and cuddle.

JULY 2022

He is in the older babies' group. He has grown up a lot over the last few months. He no longer cries when a classmate takes away his toy and he has learned to share and listen to others more. He loves going to our Kasisi nursery school - when he started he knew practically nothing, but today he already knows basic numbers, colours and body parts. He really enjoys singing with the other children. His beloved toys are blocks and cars - he never has enough of them and can play with them for hours. He is cheerful and likes to play all sorts of pranks. If you don't know where he is, that means he is planning some 'action'.

He is in no hurry to move to an older group, although he is growing healthily and full of energy. He is a joyful child and can talk beautifully with adults. He is the leader among his friends and often decides what to play. He likes cars.
MAY 2021
He is developing well and is very intelligent. He has no health problems. The eating disorders are also gone. We are trying to find his family, but they live somewhere far away and it is hard to reach them.
MAY 2019
He's very cheerful and popular with everyone. He's a fussy eater so we have to keep a close eye on him to make sure he eats enough.
Moses is healthy and growing well. His dad visits him sometimes. He always brings something from his field for the older children. He is happy to see his son hitting all his developmental milestones.
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Cots for Kasisi

The metal cots and worn-out mattresses have lulled generations of Kasisi kids to sleep, but are now in desperate need of replacement.

Our dream is to make the babies’ bedrooms look like a truly homely, safe environment that is associated with warmth. Will you help us make this dream a reality?

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