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Prince 12 y/o

Birthday: 18.11.2009
With Kasisi since: 10.04.2010

Following his mother’s death, Prince’s father brought him to Kasisi and that was the last we saw of him. With the police’s help, sisters managed to locate the boy’s father but he refused contact with his son so the people of Kasisi are Prince’s only family. He now feels happy and safe, especially when the sisters treat him like a little prince. He is passionate about animals and car rides. A recent visit to a crocodile farm combined those two passions – he had the time of his life!


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MAY 2021
He is in the fourth grade. He is very mature and serious. He likes playing football and painting.
MAY 2019
A talented musician who can play the keyboard. He's in second grade and likes playing with the younger boys. He loves adventures.
JUNE 2017
Prince is very well-balanced and serious for his age. He's in a class with a musical profile.
Prince recently showed his musical talents. For now, he's learning the keyboard but he's already shown a predisposition for the violin. Looks like we have a new musician in the makings - let's keep our fingers crossed for him!
JUNE 2016
He joined the older age group but he didn't like it there so he's back at Edmund's House. He's a very bright and earnest child.
JUNE 2015
Prince lives in Edmund's House and is in the Big Five preschool group. He's a very bright and caring young boy. One of the sisters recently took him to a farm. He was brave enough to go horseback riding. His best friend is Eliza - the two of them enjoy walking hand in hand.  
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Christopher Sakala Fund

We hope that Christopher’s death, which was an unexpected tragic event for the whole Kasisi, will kick off a chain reaction of good. Because of this, we started the Christopher Sakala Fund. With this fund, we support children being treated on the oncological ward at the hospital in Lusaka.

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