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Veronica 19 y/o

Birthday: 15.06.2003
With Kasisi since: 21.05.2010

Veronika is at Kasisi with her sisters Catherine and Annie. They were brought to Kasisi by their father due to a volatile family situation. The girls adjusted to their now home well. Veronika is always smiling. She is humble, resourceful and incredibly honest. She looks after her sisters and has good relationships with all residents of Kasisi.


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MAY 2022

Veronica has come to visit Kasisi for two weeks. She goes to boarding school and she is in the 12th grade. Being away from her sisters Anna and Catherine is always difficult for her, but she knows that a good education is essential.

Veronica has always seemed exceptionally mature and ambitious. When she is not looking after the other children in Edmund's House, she is making plans for her future.

The girl is an avid reader, and not only fiction of fiction. She really wants to be a doctor in the future, so she studies maths and biology diligently - some of the most difficult subjects at school. She is a very ambitious child!

Veronica is interested in Poland, so from time to time she asks us, "What is it like to study in Poland? - Is life in Poland very different from life in Zambia?" Who knows, maybe she will follow in James and Eva's footsteps and become our next doctor?🙂

JUNE 2021
She is in the eleventh grade and is a very good student. She is very ambitious and would like to go to university. She is interested in Poland.
Veronica is in tenth grade. She is very bright and emotionally mature. She likes to laugh and joke around. She is demanding towards herself and others.
JULY 2018
She goes to the eighth grade at a very good boarding school. She is doing very well - she's in an advanced program for the most talented students. She has so many plans for the future that we don't know yet what route she will take.
JUNE 2017
Veronika is doing well. She has lost weight and is being careful to stay healthy. She feels much better ever since she started paying attention to nutrition.
JUNE 2016
She is earnest beyond her years. She goes to the sixth grade and enjoys helping out at Kasisi.
JUNE 2015
She is an exemplary student. She shares a room with her sisters.
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