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Give Blessing a bit of energy

Date added: 28.04.2022

Attention Blessing’s parents! We had to work up quite a sweat to take these photos – the girl is constantly on the move!

Blind Blessing has been in Kasisi for several months now. We won’t be able to restore her sight, but we have managed to give her the most genuine, warm Home – and the effects are already evident.

The girl smiles a lot more and interacts with the aunties and other children. She has also started to respond with interest to various noises and to her own name.

Her facial expressions are hilarious – Blessing is one of those children who simply have emotions written on their faces. And since she is at the stage of very active exploration of the world and everything amazes her. You can see her whole repertoire of facial expressions in the photos.

She courageously grabs toys, all sorts of massage devices and toys for little fingers. It also turns out that she is a little music lover. When the aunties sing songs to her, she starts dancing and singing along.

When it comes to appetite – a day not started with a bottle of milk is a day wasted. The girl eats with great willingness. One has to get energy for dancing from somewhere.

A bottle of milk costs only 3 PLN, but with so many little ones to feed, the supply vanishes in the blink of an eye. Why not give the little girl at least one bottle? Blessing will thank you with her most beautiful smile!

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Urgent help needed

Christmas in Kasisi!

Santa Claus never had it easy in Kasisi 😉 Over 230 children live here. Sister Mariola has already rushed to his aid and is quietly preparing presents!

Many of us still leave a free seat at the Christmas Eve table. Let one of our children sit at it this year (at a distance, but very much for real) and invite them to the table today!

we have:
2,750 PLN
we need:
17,000 PLN
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