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Date added: 31.03.2022

We don’t win every battle, but every battle lets us give as much of ourselves as we can. Christina, who is in the third stage of cancer, understands this very well.

The girl was discharged from the oncology ward with the recommendation of palliative care. According to the hospital, nothing can be done for her anymore. But life does not end at the hospital! We could not be indifferent to her situation, because, as Sister Mariola says, evil never has the final say!

Christina left the hospital with one dream – she wanted to see her family again. However, she couldn’t go home as she had no money left for the journey. When we found out, we immediately gave her the money for the trip, along with a large supply of food money. The girl was stunned – she had never had so much money in her hands! Although it was just enough to cover necessary expenses, it was so much for her!

We firmly believe that help should not be confined within the walls of the Kasisi Home. Inspired by Chris Sakala, the fund allows us to support and treat patients of the oncological ward. Thanks to you, we have been able to help over 78 people since Chris’ fund was established. That’s 78 people who received food, medicine, chemotherapy, dressings, clothes and first aid articles. And above all, support in this unfair fight. We provide milk and nappies for the babies, food for the older children and money for their journey home.

It happens that children come to Kasisi because their parents are being taken care of in the hospital and hospice. Yesterday we received very sad news – the mother of our blind, seven month old Blessing Mapalo passed away. So far we have paid for palliative care, and yesterday we financed the woman’s funeral. Tiny Blessing Mapalo doesn’t yet understand what missing her mommy means, but we will do our best to make her feel surrounded by love from all sides and never let her doubt that she is important and one of a kind.

Will you roll up your sleeves with us today and help us build that oasis of safety where Blessing will never be alone? Come take a look at the little one – maybe you’d like to become her adoptive parents and watch her grow beautifully with your support. Why not give her a cuddly toy to keep as a memento when she grows up, or fund a set of medical tests?

And if you would like to write more stories with us, in which empathy to the problems of others lets us do good that can be measured in numbers of those who have recovered, numbers of hopeful smiles (even for a simple visit back to their loved ones), join Chris’ fundraiser. Chris won this battle, giving a beginning to all these stories, but it is you who write them every day. Write another one with us.

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