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Aaron 6 y/o

Birthday: 10.10.2017
With Kasisi since: 14.02.2020

Aaron ended up at Kasisi because his mother passed away and his father was not able to take care of him and his two siblings. He suffers from cerebral palsy but is able to communicate well with others so there is hope that we will be able to help him make a considerable recovery.

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How am I doing?

His condition is not improving, but it is stable. Aaron loves the porridges we bring from Poland. Unfortunately, for him, every swallow is a huge challenge. He chokes on his food. His esophagus, which is paralyzed, needs to be massaged. This somewhat facilitates the intake of food.
JULY 2023
Aaron has daily rehabilitation, but it is not improving his condition. It only makes him no worse. The boy has a tumour in his head, located between his eyes. As a result, he is unable to breathe normally.

The boy visits dietitians every 2 weeks who try to structure his diet so that he develops properly. A few months ago we saw an improvement, and his appetite had improved. Now, unfortunately, despite the great commitment of many specialists, there is not much improvement. The lack of appetite has returned.

We are doing all we can to help the boy function better. Unfortunately, despite daily physiotherapy, there has not been much improvement. We are consoled by the fact that he does not suffer from any other illnesses and has an appetite.
JUNE 2021
Aaron is a very friendly and open child and we hope that he will start talking soon too. He is not walking yet, but seems to be on the right track. Nobody comes to visit him.
JUNE 2020
He does physical therapy twice a day. He responds to voice and other external stimuli. He doesn't like being alone and enjoys having people speak to him.
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Nshima (cornmeal porridge)
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Nshima (cornmeal porridge)

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Stuffed toys

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Medical diagnostic tests

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