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Alick 11 y/o

Birthday: 05.11.2012
With Kasisi since: 06.02.2013

Alick’s family brought him to Kasisi after he lost his mother. Fortunately, he is in in good health and hitting all his developmental milestones. He rarely cries.

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JULY 2023
The appearance of an angel can deceive anyone. He's a good boy, but sometimes he gets into mischief. Sister Mariola buys him new trousers every now and then, because the ones he wears can't withstand his new ideas;).

With the boy, everything is in the best possible order. He doesn't cause any problems, neither at home nor at school. He is a good, calm boy.

APRIL 2022

Alick is doing well. He is already a big boy and is in the third grade. He is a good pupil and has many friends at school and in Kasisi. No one from his family visits him.

JUNE 2021
Alick is in the second grade. He is doing well and is very friendly. He is always very happy to go to school and comes back equally filled with joy.
MAY 2019
He is now in preschool. He is very clever. He loves football - just like all the other boys.
Alick is crowing like a weed and hitting all her developmental milestones She attends preschool and loves to play and sing.
JUNE 2016
He lives at Edmund's House. He has recently battled an illness. The recovery was long and arduous, and we were even afraid he had tuberculosis. But, thankfully, he didn't and today he is good as new.
JUNE 2015
Alick is a rambunctious young boy who likes to tease others and always gets his way. He is now in the older age group.
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