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Anna Maria 7 y/o

Birthday: 06.12.2016
With Kasisi since: 19.12.2016

She was born with Albinism. She’s at Kasisi because her mother died shortly after giving birth and her grandparents were not able to care for a child with special needs.
Anna Maria is not the first albino child in Kasisi’s history. Fortunately, people in Zambia are not as superstitious about albinos as they are in e.g. Tanzania, so Anna Maria will have a safe upbringing. At Kasisi, she has a loving and nurturing home where all her needs will be met.

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She goes to school. She is a darling little girl. Very talkative. She has a lot of confidence. She loves to cuddle and be in charge. She always bargains with her sister Mariola for jelly beans. When she manages to negotiate a larger amount, she walks away smiling.


She is doing very well in pre-school. She enjoys going there and also enjoys doing her homework. Unlike the other children, she is now on holiday. She is very well behaved.

Anna Maria goes to a Montessori kindergarten. She just got new glasses which help her see much better. She is very independent and knows what she wants.
JUNE 2021
She has been in a private kindergarten in Lusaka since February. She has problems with her eyesight, which is typical for children with albinism. She is a smart, determined and confident child who knows what she wants and will definitely cope in life.
She has grown a lot and has great communication skills. She's very independent and assertive.
Anna Maria is an amazing girl, a fearless leader who knows what she wants. She is outgoing and sociable and a very good singer and dancer.
JUNE 2017
Anna Maria is growing well – she loves to eat:) We managed to buy sunglasses for her today. Anna’s albinism causes eye problems. Her eyes are so sensitive she cannot go anywhere without wearing sunglasses. We have to make sure she has limited exposure to sunlight and is always wearing clothes that offer protection from the sun. Thanks to these strict measures, she hasn’t had any issues yet. She is always in a good mood. It seems like she knows everything will be alright!
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