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Claudia 7 y/o

Birthday: 19.05.2015
With Kasisi since: 24.05.2015

Tragedy struck her family before Claudia was even born. Her father died, leaving her mother to care for four young children without any resources. Claudia was brought to Kasisi when she was only a few days old and her health was already suffering. Today, she is a happy, healthy, independent child who loves going to preschool.

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Claudia is healthy and full of ideas. She likes drawing and skipping a lot.
JUNE 2021
No one asks about her. The mother who brought the girl to Kasisi is not interested in her. Claudia is in the first grade at a school outside Kasisi. She is a happy child and is doing well in school. She is very friendly and imaginative.
MAY 2019
She has a beautiful personality. She attends the onsite preschool. She likes to play football, paint, sing and watch cartoons.
JULY 2018
She was recently transferred to St Edmund’s House. She goes to preschool and is very happy.
JUNE 2017
Claudia is independent and resourceful and always on the go. Her mother recently called her for the first time since dropping her off at Kasisi but has yet to pay her a visit.
JUNE 2016
The girl’s immune system is compromised and she often gets pneumonia. We have to stay vigilant when it comes to her health.
JUNE 2016
Today, Claudia gave everyone at Kasisi a scare. In the morning, she developed a high fever, severe convulsions and almost stopped breathing. Then she joined the growing group of those whose lives were saved by the Foundation’s very first purchase, an ambulance. Sister Mariola drove her to the hospital with the siren on. About two-thirds of the way, in Chelston, the baby fell into another convulsive state and stopped breathing again. Dr. Sahar arrived at the hospital immediately. It turned out Claudia had cerebral malaria. Tonight, she’s feeling much better. She is conscious and sitting up in bed, calling out to her babysitter: "Bella, Bella!". :) We hope she will be dismissed tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for her!.
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