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Dominic 15 y/o

Birthday: 20.02.2009
With Kasisi since: 11.11.2013
The story of Dominic and his brother Victor carries a tragic note. The funeral of their father marked a turning point, leaving Dominic, Victor, and their mother alone in the unbearable pain of loss. In the throes of grief, their mother abandoned the children at the cemetery, fleeing from her own life and problems. Despite the huge burden of responsibility for his brother, Dominic finds the strength to move forward. He has started attending high school, which represents a step towards a better future. His involvement as an altar boy in the Kasisi church has become an important point of reference and a source of strength for him. His experiences have made him feel older than his actual age. As Sister Mariola says, he was “born to be a leader.”


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JUNE 2024
His great passion is watching soccer games. He even knows former Polish football players and loves talking about sport. He continues to serve as an altar boy during Sunday services. He’s very calm and mature.
MARCH 2024
Dominic started high school in January. He is an altar boy and is very committed to this service. He is serious and responsible.

He is a good child. Only sometimes, he needs to be encouraged a lot to do some housework. He reads nicely. He thinks he is older than he really is. Must have respect from others. In the words of Sr Mariola: born to be a LORD;)

JULY 2022

He is in the sixth grade. He is very well-mannered and polite to everyone. He is always willing to help his younger classmates. He likes to study, and in his free time he likes playing football and reading books. In the future he would like to be a pilot.

JUNE 2021
He devours books and is a very bright and polite child. He treats everyone with a lot of respect. He is in the fifth grade and is a very good student.
MAY 2019
He's in third grade and his favorite subject is English. He has joined the older age group. In his free time, he enjoys kicking his football - he takes it with him everywhere he goes.
Dominic plays the guitar. He is very mature for his age and is about to enter the first grade.
JUNE 2016
He's still in preschool. He will start school next year.
JUNE 2015
Dominic is a well-behaved and caring young boy.
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