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Emmanuel 11 y/o

Birthday: 28.08.2010
With Kasisi since: 22.09.2010

Emmanuel, Chungu’s younger brother, is a bundle of joy. The sisters love seeing him healthy and growing strong. He’s full of life and always bouncing off walls – it’s not easy to keep up with him! His positive attitude and energy attract other people. Nobody at Kasisi has ever seen him cry.

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JUNE 2021
A happy and active boy. He is in a group of children who go to a painting workshop. He enjoys loud games. Emmanuel is in the third grade.
MAY 2019
Emmanuel is in first grade. He is very cheerful, energetic and full of life.
JULY 2018
He is doing well, he is healthy and cheerful.
JUNE 2017
Emmanuel is a rambunctious little boy full of life. Even when he gets in trouble, he is quickly forgiven due to his charm. He is also very cheerful.
JUNE 2016
He lives in Edmund's House and goes to the Big Five preschool. He likes to sing and play.
JUNE 2015
He is a very resourceful and clever little boy who is sure to do well in life. He is close to his brother, Chungu.
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Fund another semester of university for Eva and James

Eva and James are our medical students – talented, hardworking and grateful for every little support. They know that thanks to you they have been given a life opportunity. Now they can lead their lives as they dreamed of.

Today we ask you to join the fundraiser for the next semester of their studies. Curriculum – not funding – should be the only thing for our children to worry about. Let’s make sure they have a place in the medical world!

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