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Gift 18 y/o

Birthday: 01.02.2006
With Kasisi since: 28.07.2017

Gift came to Kasisi from the hospital. He suffers from sickle cell anemia. He loves being affectionate and dreams of having a lot of friends. He is calm and polite.

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One of the more severe attacks of sickle cell anaemia came on Monday the 14th of August - he was in a lot of pain and was very weak, so we immediately took him to hospital, where a transfusion was given. His condition is slowly stabilising. He is now receiving injections to prevent too much iron build-up. Gift is enduring everything very bravely and tells Sister Mariola that he will endure every injection, just to get home as soon as possible.

He has relapses of the disease very often. Despite this, he tries to live like his peers and be as active as he can.

JULY 2022

He is in the fifth grade. He is doing well in school. The sickle cell anaemia that the boy suffers from requires constant blood tests. Gift must always be dressed very warmly. We also have to make sure he drinks plenty of water.

MAY 2021
From time to time he has health issues as he is suffering from sickle cell anaemia. When not troubled by health problems, he is a cheerful, well-behaved child. He is in the fourth grade.
He's in second grade but was recently forced to take a break from school due to a sickle cell anemia episode. He is feeling much better now and has resumed playing with other boys.
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