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Joseph 16 y/o

Birthday: 20.07.2007
With Kasisi since: 15.09.2007

Joseph’s father brought him to Kasisi when he was just a few days old after his mother died. Today, he is a bright and cheerful child full of creative ideas. He is very outgoing and curious and loves learning about new things. Joseph is also incredibly brave, as he’s shown in many situations. Like most boys his age, he’s very interested in anything with wheels and loves riding a car. His ever-present, charming smile will brighten up anyone’s day.

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APRIL 2024
He’s outside Kasisi, with his father. He attends school there. We continue to support him.
JULY 2023
He was at boarding school, but he missed Kasisi so much that we had to take him away from there. He is now finishing ninth grade at a school in a nearby village. He is very happy to be living at HOME again.
MARCH 2023

A good boy and wears his heart on a sleeve. He is already big but still likes to cuddle. He is composed and has a positive attitude to life. He is in the ninth grade.

JULY 2022

He is at a boarding school in Chipepo. This is his first year out of Kasisi. He has artistic ability; he paints and draws very nicely.

JUNE 2021
He is in the seventh grade. He has grown up a lot. He is serious, paints beautifully and has a talent for it. He takes part in painting workshops and his paintings will be shown at an exhibition in Lusaka in November.
JULY 2020
Joseph is in the sixth grade. He enjoys playing football and dancing. He is a natural born debater who is not afraid to speak his mind. He is very popular with his peers, who often come to him for advice.
He is growing like a weed:)
He's in second grade. He is polite and doing very well in school.
JUNE 2015
Joseph has grown a lot and recently moved in with the older boys. He's in the first grade and has a reputation for falling asleep during mass. While he prefers to spend his free time relaxing, his carefree approach to life does not affect his grades - he's doing very well in school.
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