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Judy Ruth 24 y/o

Birthday: 01.11.1999
With Kasisi since: 14.05.2000

Judie is an orphan. Her uncle brought her to Kasisi when she was just a few days old. She is a child with special needs and struggles with her health as well as abandonment issues. Fortunately, here at Kasisi we can offer her the support she needs. She has difficulties in school but is also hard-working and diligent. She is curious about the world and enjoys meeting new people. She loves writing letters.

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APRIL 2024
She enjoys drawing, and her works are different from those of our other Kasisi artists because she sketches with a pencil. In addition to her artistic soul, she also has a talent for cooking. Having completed a culinary course, she often helps out in the kitchen. She also likes to take care of the younger kids and ensures that all clothes in our Kasisi laundry are clean .
JULY 2023
Judy is our artistic diamond in the rough. When art classes began for good in Kasisi, we could not believe our eyes when we saw what was appearing from under her pencil. Her work attracted a lot of attention at an exhibition at the National Gallery in Lusaka. Currently, Judy is also trying her hand at a culinary course. She really enjoys cooking and making sweet baked goods for the Kasisi kids.
MARCH 2023

She is a good and calm girl. She helps a lot around the home. She goes shopping and runs all the errands for Kasisi.


The girl finished ninth grade at a special school last year. Unfortunately, the exams did not go well for her. She took them again this year. We are waiting for the results. She helps out at home looking after the children. She has health problems.

JUNE 2021
She has grown up a lot and is very responsible. She has already got her own room where she lives alone. This year she will take her exams. She has difficulties with reading, but she had extra classes during the summer holidays and made a lot of progress. She is in the ninth grade.
MAY 2019
She is in the eighth grade at a boarding school but spends her weekends at Kasisi. She's very friendly and caring and enjoys assisting children in wheelchairs. Her closest friend is Amanda.
JULY 2018
Judy attends a school for children with special needs in Lusaka. She is a very good student. She continues to have issues with her ears and has to get them checked regularly. She's had two surgeries.
She's started a school for children with special needs. It's her first time away from Kasisi but like other girls, she will come back on the weekends. She's very shy - taking her picture is nearly impossible.
JUNE 2016
Judy is in in seventh grade at a school for children with special needs. She recently had ear surgery. Thankfully, it went well.
JUNE 2015
She's been having issues with her ears but is receiving treatment. She also does physiotherapy for her leg. She's very caring and loves to share with others.
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