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Luckson 6 y/o

Birthday: 25.01.2018
With Kasisi since: 06.03.2018

His mother passed away after a cesarean section. His elderly widowed father found himself overwhelmed by the responsibility of caring for the boy and Lucky’s eight siblings. A genetic defect deprived the child of his crus. However, the missing hip joint did not stop him. Instead, with determination that amazed everyone around him, he developed his own technique of crawling. Every day is a struggle, but also a testament to overcoming even the greatest obstacles. What initially seemed impossible became his everyday reality. Instead of walking, he runs! Instead of envying others for their health, he inspires them with his resilience. His life embodies triumph over adversity.



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APRIL 2024
Lucky is proof that nothing is impossible. His determination has enabled him to live a completely normal life despite his disability. He was not expected to walk, yet today he runs. Miracles do indeed happen... :)
JULY 2023
Lucky once again showed that nothing is impossible. In the beginning, he moved using his arms, dragging his legs behind him. We thought that was the end of it, that he would stay with his face to the ground for the rest of his life. One day he stood by the walker and moved. Today, there is no need for a walker, just the hand of a friend to walk bravely ahead.

Lukson is a wonderful, brave boy. Despite his disability, he copes fantastically with everything. It's unbelievable how well he moves with a special walker. He is stubborn and has a lot of determination in him, which is why he walks at all.

Lucky is a very good and intelligent boy. He is happy to spend time with children and likes to play with Bella, our Labrador.  A smile never leaves his face, he is also a little chatterbox.
JUNE 2021
Lucky has started running, he has developed his own method of moving around. He is agile, climbs everywhere and is a bright, resolute and intelligent child. He can walk with a walker (the result of working with Ingrid), but prefers to support himself with his hands.
He's learned how to move around well despite his disability. He rarely gets sick and is very cheerful.
MAY 2019
His physical limitations haven't stopped him and he has now learned to crawl all by himself - he is very bright! He's also outgoing and friendly and always smiling.
Lucky's growth is on track. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about his legs as he is missing a hip joint. He's taught himself how to crawl, however.
Lucky recently had his first x-rays. We are trying to get him a medical consultation with a specialist in Poland since local doctors are at a loss as to how to treat him.
Lucky is doing well. Her growth is on track and her legs, even though deformed, are also growing.
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