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Moses 14 y/o

Birthday: 08.03.2010
With Kasisi since: 20.02.2017

Moses has been at Kasisi with his twin brother since February 2017. They were found on the streets of Lusaka and brought here by social services.


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JULY 2023
He and his twin brother are going through the typical adolescent rebellion of their age, which adds colour to their personalities. During a holiday with their mother, which they were very much looking forward to, they encountered some difficulties. It turned out that in the end they could not stay with her any longer.

On their return, the boys became more serious and more often defiant. During this difficult time, it is important to have support from those around them. We talk to them a lot about the emotions and challenges they are facing. Over time, understanding and support can help the boys to overcome their difficulties and find their balance, and to understand that it is possible to recover from even the most difficult moments and to bring out a lot of good for themselves.
JULY 2022

He is very lively and organised. He has a lot of courage in him. When something needs to be done for the group, he always volunteers. He is in the fifth grade. He is doing very well in school. He often serves as an altar boy.

MAY 2021
He is in the fourth grade. He shows leadership skills, loves to eat and always has an appetite;) Nobody visits him.
MAY 2019
He likes to play football and help out with household chores. Moses and his twin brother are like two peas in a pod.
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Cots for Kasisi

The metal cots and worn-out mattresses have lulled generations of Kasisi kids to sleep, but are now in desperate need of replacement.

Our dream is to make the babies’ bedrooms look like a truly homely, safe environment that is associated with warmth. Will you help us make this dream a reality?

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