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Nelly 30 y/o

Birthday: 01.03.1993
With Kasisi since: 01.06.1993

She came to Kasisi when she was just three months old. Her mother passed away, leaving behind 11 children. Nelly most likely had suffered some type of physical trauma. She was blind and completely paralyzed. She’s already had a couple of surgeries, two of them in Poland. As a result, her condition improved and she can now walk, see and talk. Nelly likes to watch television and go grocery shopping in town.

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JULY 2022

She is feeling well and is not ill. He has individual classes with our pedagogue.

JUNE 2021
She is calm and cheerful. She started talking more and has learned to talk on the phone. She keeps in good health but has had a problem with her teeth; 2 front ones had to be removed because she will have a crown put in.
Nelly is happy and doing well.
Good news! Nelly is in Poland and has undergone specialist tests. Thankfully, she won't require invasive neurosurgery, all she needs is get her valves regulated and set up a course of treatment for her epilepsy.
JUNE 2016
She's been having health problems recently. She often faints and we are concerned that the valve in her brain might be causing issues. We are trying to diagnose her. It is possible she will have to travel to Poland again to have the valve replaced.
JUNE 2015
Nelly is walking and talking better and better. Her intellectual development has also picked up. She likes to watch television in the evenings as well as go shopping in town. She even makes her own shopping list, making sure to add her favorite items: magazines, yoghurt and cookies.  
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