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Patience 17 y/o

Birthday: 03.12.2006
With Kasisi since: 01.09.2007

She was brought to Kasisi as a newborn by an organization that helps homeless women after her mother passed away. She is on the quiet side, calm and reserved. She is caring and likes to help others. She craves love and warmth and always responds to kindness with a huge smile.

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JULY 2023
Patience, although she has endured her first year at boarding school well, is now signalling that she wants to return to Kasisi. She will finish ninth grade in December and has two years of secondary school left. We are strongly encouraging her to stay. She is in a very good school. We are quietly hoping that this sudden reluctance is just adolescent rebellion, something we have gone through so many times before. In January, after the summer holidays, we will finally find out where Patience will continue her education.
JULY 2022

She goes to a boarding school in Katondwe. She is in the eighth grade. This is her first year outside Kasisi. She has taken the change well. She studies hard, but she is coping. She has a lot of friends.

JUNE 2021
She is happy to live at House of Mercy. She will be taking her final exams in primary school in October. Always happy to help in the kitchen and to take care of young children. She likes painting.
JULY 2020
She attends the sixth grade and is doing very well in school. She is a very good at playing the drums. She is very popular with her peers and enjoys participating in Saturday debates.
Patience is doing well. She is part of the dance group and is a great dancer. She gets good grades in school.
She's about to start sixth grade. She's very proactive and enjoys helping others.
JUNE 2016
She is in the fourth grade and doing well. She recently split her head open on the playground but didn't seem too bothered and continues to monkey around as if nothing ever happened.
JUNE 2015
She's very shy and needs a lot of coaxing to get involved in any group events. She feels most comfortable in the company of younger children.
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