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Paul 9 y/o

Birthday: 05.05.2015
With Kasisi since: 21.12.2015

Paul came to Kasisi after experiencing tragic family events that forever changed his life. Following this tragedy, his great-grandmother took over his care. Despite her immense love and desire to provide him with the best, her age and health made it impossible for her to care for him long-term. In this situation, Kasisi became Paul’s new home, a place where he could find safe shelter. Although his life has not been easy, he finds joy in dancing and playing soccer, his favorite activities that allow him to enjoy being a child. Known as “Resourceful Paul,” he stands out not only in terms of his energy but also his cleverness and creativity. These traits have often amazed everyone. His ideas are incredibly original and frequently lead to unexpected, positive outcomes. He can find solutions in situations that seem impossible to others.



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JULY 2023
Paul, also known as 'O Pequeno Inventor', is a boy full of cunning and creativity that has surprised everyone on more than one occasion. He is a second-grade student and combines energy and seriousness with equal ease. On the one hand, he is cheerful and enthusiastic, but when the situation calls for it, he can also be very focused and serious.
All is well with Paul. He is growing very nicely. He is very happy and always full of ideas.
MAY 2021
He is in the first grade at a school outside Kasisi. He loves to go have fun with other children. He is very energetic.
MAY 2019
She attends an on-site preschool.
JULY 2018
Paul is a happy child with a bright smile. He lives at Edmund's House. His great-grandma sometimes calls and asks about her grandchild but she is unable to make the trip out to Kasisi to visit him.
JUNE 2017
This little boy went through tonsilitis recently, but he has fully recovered. Paul is such a great child.  
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