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Peter Kenneth 9 y/o

Birthday: 28.10.2012
With Kasisi since: 10.12.2012

He was brought to the orphanage by his mother who didn’t have the means to provide for him. He was unkempt and in poor health when he got here and required intensive medical care.

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MAY 2022

The boy's 2-week holiday stay at the Home is now slowly coming to an end, but that doesn't mean it was spent lazing around - Peter Kenneth attended physiotherapy classes several times, giving it his all.  We know by his engagement and above all his smile that he is a big fan of sensory aids. As he normally has problems with concentration, we were all the more amazed to see that he managed to sit for a considerable period of time in front of the light table doing a colourful puzzle.

JUNE 2021
He is cheerful, clever and friendly. He goes to boarding school, far from Kasisi. He likes it very much. Thanks to the school he developed a lot and has started talking.
MAY 2019
He continues to be rehabilitated. He can now talk, run and play on the schoolyard with boys his age.
JULY 2018
He's energetic and always on the go - just a moment of inattention is all it takes for him to disappear, giving his caregivers a panic attack in the process ;)
JUNE 2016
He has started walking and is doing much better thanks to physiotherapy. He cannot eat solid foods due to partial paralysis of his esophagus. He enjoys going on walks and playing with toys.
Kennet is doing well. He exercises every day and is becoming more mobile. He can sit and stand up on his own. We hope that in a few months he will able to walk in the yard on his own. According to Szymon Holownia, he seems happy.
JUNE 2015
There is a deadly virus in Kasisi. Yesterday, one of our residents passed away, while today another one, Kennet, was hospitalized and is in a serious condition. We ask that you send your thoughts and prayers.
MAY 2015
His condition has got much better and he has gained weight. Thanks to physiotherapy, he is recovering from his paralysis. He hasn't started talking yet and is still in the babies age group.
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Christopher Sakala Fund

We hope that Christopher’s death, which was an unexpected tragic event for the whole Kasisi, will kick off a chain reaction of good. Because of this, we started the Christopher Sakala Fund. With this fund, we support children being treated on the oncological ward at the hospital in Lusaka.

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