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Rachel 17 y/o

Birthday: 27.05.2007
With Kasisi since: 26.10.2010

Rachel was brought to Kasisi by her father, who was deeply concerned about her health. The girl was suffering from severe malnutrition, which required constant and intensive medical care. Despite her young age, Rachel showed immense courage and self-discipline in her battle with the illness. The initial period at Kasisi was difficult for Rachel. She was sad and withdrawn, struggling to adjust to her new environment. However, over time, thanks to the caring support of her guardians and other children, Rachel gradually regained her joy for life and self-confidence. She was increasingly more often seen smiling and participating in various activities. Rachel has a talent for drawing, which has become her way of expressing herself and her emotions. Some time ago, a particularly touching moment occurred in Rachel’s life. Her brother, who lives in another orphanage, came to visit her. The reunion was emotional for both the children and the Sisters. Although everyone had good intentions and hoped that the siblings would form a close bond, it turned out to be more challenging than expected. Both had difficulties finding common ground, likely due to their long separation and different life experiences. Nevertheless, the meeting was an important step in their relationship and gave hope for rebuilding family ties in the future.


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JULY 2023
Rachel is a quiet, shy girl who is in the seventh grade. A touching moment recently occurred when her brother from another orphanage visited her. Despite the good intentions of the caregivers, who wanted the siblings to get to know each other, the children found it difficult to make a closer connection. Rachel is a person who is easily influenced by others and has difficulty expressing her own opinion, which may be a challenge for her in the future.
JULY 2022

She speaks little, but works a lot and studies diligently. She is a very responsible girl. She always fulfils her duties conscientiously. She is in the sixth grade.

JUNE 2021
She has grown up a lot and has become more cheerful. We managed to find her older brother. We want them to keep in touch with each other.
JUNE 2020
She's in the fifth grade and is much healthier and happier. She is very popular and enjoys spending time with her friends.
JULY 2018
Rachel is very earnest. She's in the fourth grade. A true bookworm, she devours books. She's also a great dancer.
She will begin the third grade in January. She is a top student - the best in her class! She's very mature for her age and likes to dance.
JUNE 2016
She's in the second grade and lives in Martin's House. She's very polite and well-behaved.
JUNE 2015
She goes to the Big Five preschool. She is always very earnest.
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