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Sekayi 16 y/o

Birthday: 15.12.2007
With Kasisi since: 27.11.2014

Sekayi stayed in a hospice with her mother. After her mother’s death, her sisters, concerned for her well-being, decided to move her to Kasisi, where she received specialized care and support. She never knew her father, but she found a new home among the caregivers and other children. Mild cerebral palsy makes walking difficult for her, requiring regular physiotherapy. However, accepting this is not easy for such an energetic and independent spirit. Her rebellious nature often shows, especially when faced with the monotonous therapeutic exercises. One of the biggest challenges in caring for Sekayi is her aversion to criticism. While she can be motivated to work, it requires a particularly gentle approach. It is important that any feedback and corrections are delivered subtly to avoid discouraging her from further progress.

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JULY 2023
Sekayi is a person who definitely knows the value of her individuality. Although she has difficulty walking and undergoes physiotherapy on a daily basis, this is not easy for her to accept. Her rebellious nature often comes to the fore, especially when it comes to having to exercise. Her reluctance to take criticism is one challenge that requires a subtle and diplomatic approach. Sekayi can be reprimanded, but the most important thing is to do it in a very, very gentle way.
JULY 2022

She is repeating sixth grade. She needed to improve her school performance and catch up with the curriculum. Even last year, she struggled to read. Now, books are her love. When others are watching TV, Sekayi locks herself in the library and indulges her passion. She has problems walking and keeping her balance, so she goes through daily rehabilitation.

JUNE 2021
She is in the sixth grade. She can always be counted on to help clean the dining room. She always starts dancing when she hears music. She has problems with reading.
JULY 2020
She's in the fifth grade and recently received her First Holy Communion. She is very cheerful and does well in school.
JUNE 2016
She's in the fourth grade. She continues to do physical therapy every day but always has a smile on her face.
JUNE 2015
She does physical therapy every day to deal with her cerebral palsy and mobility issues. Doctors have said there is no chance her leg will regain full functionality. Despite her health issues, she remains upbeat and never complains. She loves jumping on the trampoline and is warm and affectionate.  
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