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Vanessa 12 y/o

Birthday: 18.07.2011
With Kasisi since: 15.11.2017

Despite her disability, Vanessa maintains a positive, cheerful attitude. She responds to voice and is able to walk with the support of others. She does physical therapy every day.


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JULY 2023
Vanessa is a real ray of sunshine who can brighten up any day with her smile. Not only is she perpetually smiling, she is also very creative, especially when it comes to expressing herself. She likes to sing and has her own unique way of communicating, using original sayings. Her way of being adds a unique charm to her personality and proves that Vanessa is a child with a unique imagination.
JULY 2022

She really enjoys the company of other children. She is always smiling. She cannot speak, so she expresses her joy in her own language. She has physiotherapy classes every day.

JUNE 2021
A pleasant, cheerful child. She has her own way of communicating. Everyone knows how to greet her. Recently she has been having  epileptic seizures, so we arranged appropriate treatment for her.
Vanessa is very cheerful. She can walk supported by others. She continue to do physical therapy every day. She laughs a lot and likes repeating her words.
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