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Venasio Francis 12 y/o

Birthday: 24.12.2011
With Kasisi since: 23.10.2012

Venasio was left at Kasisi by his mother, who was unable to provide him with a decent life. Struggling with illness, he required urgent help, and the Sisters took the first steps to stabilize his health. Thanks to their care and determination, his health significantly improved, bringing great relief. From a rebellious and withdrawn boy at the beginning, he transformed into a serious, polite, and responsible person. This metamorphosis is most noticeable in his approach to education. Over time, he grew to love school, and now he pursues his studies with passion and commitment, continually striving to acquire new skills and deepen his knowledge. Venasio is a true example of the strength of human character in the face of life’s challenges, which he managed to transform into opportunities and hope for a better future.

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JULY 2023
Venasio Francis has undergone an impressive metamorphosis, transformed from a troublemaker into a serious, polite and well-adjusted boy. This transformation is most evident in his attitude towards learning. He has taken a liking to school and, moreover, is actively involved in learning new skills and expanding his knowledge.
JULY 2022

He is very active and inquisitive about the world. He has an incredible imagination. He likes discovering new things. He is doing well in school. He is in the third grade.

JUNE 2021
A pleasant, cheerful child. She has her own way of communicating. Everyone knows how to greet her. Recently she has been having  epileptic seizures, so we arranged appropriate treatment for her. .
JULY 2020
He is in first grade and is doing very well in school. He is very cheerful and energetic, with a healthy appetite.
MAY 2019
He is very cheerful and assertive - he knows how to fight for what he wants. He attends an off-site preschool.
JULY 2018
He is now in preschool and lives in Edmund's House. He is very independent and cheerful.
Unfortunately he gets sick quite often. He's very active and gets into a lot of accidents. He is very cheerful.
Today our little Francis went with sister Mariola to a hospital in Lusaka to undergo surgery on his hand. Most likely the problem was caused by a small cut that developed a bacterial infection. He was very brave during the operation. The situation is under control and Francis is doing well again.
JUNE 2016
Frances is really eager to join the older boys' group - he is getting older so his dream will soon come true. He has been having health problems and gets sick quite often.
JUNE 2015
His mother recently visited him but said she is not able to raise him. He is in good health.
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