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Faith 6 y/o

Birthday: 13.10.2017
With Kasisi since: 20.06.2022
The girl came to Kasisi together with her sisters, Grace and Tadiwa. Her mother is ill, unemployed and unable to support the children on her own. When it turned out that the woman had to go to hospital for a longer period of time, she decided to give the girls to the Good Samaritans. Who turned to social care for help, which sent the siblings to Kasisi. They are now in a safe, loving HOME. We believe that as soon as their mother gets back on her feet, they will be together again.
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JULY 2023
Pure gold:) It is impossible not to like her. Always smiling. Nothing can spoil her humour. Friendly with Blessing Tempo. Often eats her leftovers from the breakfast table. Who eats the remains great beauty gains... ;) Faith was baptised in July.

Her mother gave birth to another child, who was taken away from her. The toddler was placed in another orphanage. The woman recently visited Faith, but the little girl did not even want to say hello to her.

JUNE 2022

Faith goes to the Kasisi nursery school. Blessing quickly took to her new friend and now they are inseparable.

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Cots for Kasisi

The metal cots and worn-out mattresses have lulled generations of Kasisi kids to sleep, but are now in desperate need of replacement.

Our dream is to make the babies’ bedrooms look like a truly homely, safe environment that is associated with warmth. Will you help us make this dream a reality?

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