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Mable 11 y/o

Birthday: 2012
With Kasisi since: 14.05.2020

Mable has had a difficult childhood. She was being treated very badly by her father and stepmother and eventually ended up in the hospital. Her father lost his parental rights due to the abuse his daughter suffered at his hand and Mable was taken straight from the hospital to Kasisi. She is able to get all the loving care she needs at Kasisi. Mable is finally safe.

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MARCH 2023

She is a good child. She has had problems at school but looks like she will catch up with all the work she has missed. She has a good appetite. She likes to play. She is a cheerful child.

JULY 2022

She is in the fifth grade. She used to be in a special class, but she made great progress and was transferred to a regular class. She likes to help around the house, especially in the kitchen. She is also happy to lend a hand with other chores.

JUNE 2021
She has just started school. She is in the first grade for special needs children. Always full of laughter, but sometimes tries to enforce things by crying.
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Christmas in Kasisi!

Santa Claus never had it easy in Kasisi 😉 Over 230 children live here. Sister Mariola has already rushed to his aid and is quietly preparing presents!

Many of us still leave a free seat at the Christmas Eve table. Let one of our children sit at it this year (at a distance, but very much for real) and invite them to the table today!

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17,000 PLN
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