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Nelly 11 y/o

Birthday: 07.10.2012
With Kasisi since: 20.12.2012

Nelly’s mother passed away when Nelly was just a few weeks old, leaving the young girl without the chance to experience maternal love from the very beginning of her life. Her father and grandmother brought her to Kasisi. At just three months old, fate tested her once again when she contracted severe pneumonia. Her life hung by a thread, and doctors gave her little chance of survival. After two weeks of battling the illness, Nelly slowly began to recover. Her grandma and father visit her regularly at Kasisi, dedicating all their free time to her. There was a possibility that Nelly might find a new home with her uncle, whom she likes very much and who wanted to take care of her. Unfortunately, Nelly’s grandmother did not approve. She believed that the uncle would not be able to handle raising a growing girl. Although Nelly is very independent and does well in school, her grandmother feels she needs constant, consistent care that her uncle, with his busy lifestyle, would not be able to provide.

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JULY 2023
It took so little for Nelly to find her new home with her uncle. She is very fond of him and he wanted to take care of the girl himself. Unfortunately, Nelly's grandmother did not agree. In her opinion, her uncle cannot cope with raising a maturing girl. Nelly is very independent and does well at school.

Nelly is very outgoing and friendly. It is impossible not to like her. She asks a lot of questions about her adoptive parents from Poland. She dances and sings beautifully. When she sees that a younger child is not coping with something, she immediately runs to help.

Nelly is doing well. She will start third grade this month. She is a bright student. She has grown and matured a lot. Everyone likes her because she is friendly.
JUNE 2021
She is in the second grade. She is very talkative, always helpful, loves playing football with the boys and is doing very well. She also dances in the schola.
MAY 2019
She loves school and getting new books. She's very friendly and cheerful. She also likes sweets and crisps.
Her grandmother, who is very ill and impoverished, recently paid her a visit. Nelly was happy to see her but she didn't want to go home with her even for a few days. She is happy at Kasisi.
JUNE 2016
She lives in Martin's House. She goes to preschool where she likes to be the center of attention :)
JUNE 2015
Nelly is a natural-born leader with excellent communication skills. She is very independent and enjoys making up games for other children. She is now in the older age group.
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