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Christopher desperately needs our help!

Data dodania: 30.06.2020

We urgently need your help! It’s a challenging time for everyone at Kasisi. Just a few days ago, one of our residents, 16 year-old Christopher, was diagnosed with acute leukemia – a life-changing diagnosis that left him utterly devastated. His energy is low and he is terrified. Weakened and disoriented, he has lost all hope.

Once he received his diagnosis, he was transferred to an oncology ward at a state hospital. Doctors cannot begin his treatment, however, due to his extremely low levels of hemoglobin. Christopher requires a blood transfusion but since the hospital does not have any blood, sister Mariola is looking for donors among staff and friends. Older children have also volunteered to donate blood but unfortunately it’s not that simple. Not everyone qualifies as a blood donor. Those who did meet the requirements had a different blood type. The search for a donor continues.

We have decided to seek help for Christopher in Poland. We have to act quickly. He’s already been evaluated by specialists but until his condition is stable, transferring him to Poland is not an option.

Christopher is our baby. He arrived at Kasisi when he was just two days old with his twin brother Steven. The boys have not had an easy start. Sixteen years ago, their mother arrived at the local health center to give birth to her twins in safe conditions but was turned away as she forgot to bring disposable gloves for the doctor. These were the rules and there was no discussion. She had no choice but to go and get gloves. Unfortunately, she did not make it back to the hospital in time. Forced to give birth on the side of the road, she died in labor.

Christopher is an amazing young boy, full of hope and potential. Creative and bright, he has a strong personality and has been very independent his entire life. Today, however, he needs our help.

We have started a fundraiser for Christopher’s treatment. We are determined to help him, regardless of the costs. In just a few days, we will know the best route to take with his treatment. We are fighting for his life and we ask that you join us in this fight – we cannot do it without you.

The fundraiser is on our Facebook page and website – just click on the pulsating ♥️ Together, we can help him get the treatment he needs and deserves.

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