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Thanks to Adoptions from the Heart we provide children with a future

Data dodania: 02.07.2021

Lucky is only 3 years old and nothing is impossible for him. He came to us with a medical opinion that he would spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. After 2 years of intensive work with Ingrid, our rehabilitation therapist, the boy not only developed his own way of moving around, mainly with the help of his hands, but he stood at the walker and started taking his first steps! At the playground he matches his peers with his energy for playing.

Anna Maria is already a fully fledged preschooler entering the world of letters and numbers. We send her to a private institution that fully meets her needs and allows her to spread her wings. If it were not for Kasisi, Anna Maria would be exposed to the fate of other children affected by albinism, who according to local beliefs are considered to be evil spirits or to possess magical powers, and are therefore subject to mortal threat.

Anastasia is a born leader, currently in preschool. So many times we thought we had lost her, so many times we thought that the little one would not make it around the next corner. And yet! Thanks to you we have our own medical facilities and possibilities to treat hunger disease. Anastasia is alive and living life to the fullest.

Nelly: When she steps onto the football pitch, goals are scored one after another. The boys do everything to have her on their team. Nelly is further proof that in Kasisi we fight for every child to the end. No one gave her a chance of survival when she came to us as an infant with severe pneumonia. Today she is a healthy second-grade student.

Joseph: We are witnessing the rise of another artist. Every Saturday morning, Joseph is the first to arrive at the gazebo, eagerly awaiting his painting teacher. The boy has a talent and loves painting. His work will be displayed at an exhibition in Lusaka in November.

This is how Adoptions from the Heart works. It is largely thanks to this project that we are able to create what we cherish every day in Kasisi: a space where children who have been through too much in their lives can feel loved again, cared for and where they can look forward to the future with hope. Thanks to you we can rest assured that tomorrow we will have food to put on the children’s tables, we will be able to send them to school, nurture their talents and pay for their medication and hospital bills.

It is thanks to your support that we are certain that Shadrick and Mishek, who came to us 3 months ago, will get everything they need. They came to us in a very bad state, after their mother, who was suffering from mental illness, could not take care of them. Their grandmother however, did not have enough strength to watch over the several-week-old babies. They are now in „Adoptions from the Heart„, which serves the purpose of finding them true friends in a world which has not been very welcoming to them so far. Today, each of you can become such a friend!

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Fundusz im. Christophera Sakali

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